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gnokii provides tools and a user space driver for use with mobile phones under various operating systems (most testing is done under Linux but also Solaris, *BSD family and MS Windows families are known to work). If you wonder whether your phone is supported or not, it is safe to assume it is supported, at least when the phone is fairly modern. However there are rare cases that make phone support very limited. You may refer to our wiki pages for hints in the gnokii configuration.

gnokii features

gnokii allows you to communicate with the phone over the serial cable connection, usb connection (support depends mostly on the operating system level support), infrared connection and bluetooth connection.

gnokii provides many functionality of different areas for user to manipulate mobile phone.


You can send SMS, receive them and save them in the phone. gnokii supports delivery reports, picture messages (Nokia own protocol), concatenated messages, wap pushes, unicode messsages. gnokii allows you to send and receive logos and ringtones over SMS.


gnokii offers you possibility to read and write phonebook. Phonebook entries can be displayed in human readable form or can be exported to comma separated output, vCard version 3.0 format or ldif format. You can import data from the same formats. Please note, that supported phonebook entries depend on the phone features and therefore may not be all imported.


gnokii supports either calendar or todo lists. gnokii is capable to export calendar to iCal files and import them from the same format. Most calendar features like different types of events, recurrence, start and end times are supported.

Call management

You can initiate and answer calls with gnokii.


Among other gnokii capabilities you'll find security options like entering PIN, ringtone and logo handling and many many other.

Some gnokii history

The original Nokia 3810/3110/8110 project originated from discussions between Francois Dessart, Hugh Blemings and others. Its goal was to develop a replacement for Nokia's Cellular Data Suite (CDS) software which was to run under Linux. The project began in late October 1998. This project actually produced some preliminary code that ran under Linux.

A similar project was started by Staffan Ulfberg to provide software for the Nokia 6110 and similar phone models. Actual software development had not started yet at the time of the merge of the projects. The project was oriented towards most platforms unsupported by the Nokia Cellular Data Suite.

It is worth mentioning that these phones were quite popular but didn't provide AT layer to make data calls (to connect to Internet). Such layer was provided by NDCS (among other stuff present in this software).

Towards the end of February 1999, the two projects combined to form the current gnokii project. Reasons for this was to avoid duplicate coding efforts, and to have only one mailing list for sharing information about the phones.

Things progressed well until the latter part of 2000 where due to other commitments on the part of the then principal authors, Pavel Janik and Hugh Blemings things stagnated somewhat. Happily some long term contributors to the project stepped in to lend a hand and developement is once again proceeding apace.

Current project leaders are Pawel Kot and Daniele Forsi.

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