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Current gnokii version: 0.6.31
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CVS Access to gnokii source

The server's address is If you are already familiar with CVS, set CVSROOT to

If you are not familiar with cvs, don't worry. It's pretty simple. Just install the cvs package for your distribution and follow these steps:

  1. Set your environmental variable CVSROOT. If you have bash (Bourne Again Shell):
      pkot@bzzzt:~$ export
    If you have different shell, use different command (e.g. setenv).
  2. You are ready to checkout the latest sources:
      pkot@bzzzt:~$ cvs co gnokii

If you prefer, there is a WWW interface to the CVS server at

Once you have the sources, you will need to run the following commands

  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ libtoolize -c -f
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ glib-gettextize -f -c
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ intltoolize --force --copy --automake
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ aclocal -I m4/
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ autoheader -I m4/
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ automake --add-missing
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ autoconf
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ ./configure
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ make
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ ./
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ make
to build the sources. is the shell script prepared to make all the magic gettext/automake/autoconf stuff for you.

Now you are on your own - you have the current sources on your disk in the directory gnokii. If you are going to make substantial changes and feel that they should be included into gnokii please mention it on the list first to avoid duplicated effort.

If you would like to receive email when updates are made to the CVS repository, subscribe to gnokii-commit mailing list at

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