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Old News

Here is a copy of the really old news pages in case you're curious.


  • Moved old versions of gnokii to a separate directory.
  • Move to merge the project with the it's 6110 counterpart are just about done, expect an anouncement in the next few days.
  • Released version 0.2.2 yesterday, fixes known bugs from 0.2.1 and adds a function to allow SMS messages to sent to the network. The SMS sending is known to be unreliable at times, for reasons as yet unexplained :( Again the readme has details.
  • Discussions are well underway for combining this project with it's 6110 counterpart.
  • Released version 0.2.1 late last night, fixes a couple of bugs and adds a function to allow SMS messages to be retrieved from the phone. Again the readme has details.
  • This morning had reports of a couple of minor bugs being found in 0.2.1.
  • Added buglist file - this provides up to date information on bugs in the current version. Please read this before using the current version as it has more timely information.
  • Version 0.2.0 of gnokii has been released. This provides a basic but useable command line utility to get and write phone book entries and monitor phone status. The readme file has more details.
  • Have made good progress on determining the commands for sending SMS messages to the network and retrieving SMS messages from the phone.
  • A point release (0.2.x) should be available soon (within a week or so) to exercise the SMS features determined to date.
  • <TRIVIA>Some 340 hits have been recorded on this page, 1200 on the home page.</TRIVIA> I guess the home page scares a lot of people off... :)


  • Nothing heard from Nokia :(
  • Figured that gnokii (GNU Nokia) might be a good name...
  • Have started determining the protocol by trial and error, progress has been encouraging to say the least though it has for now been focussing on retrieving status information from the phone and sending/receiving SMS messages. Details on some of the tools used in this process are here.
  • Resulting from the above efforts, we now have our first tarball of source code here. This is a very basic and somewhat crude utility that allows you to monitor the status of the phone. The readme is available here.
  • After discussion on the mailing list (and a bit of a hiatus on progress due to my work commitments), a letter has been sent to Nokia requesting their assistance. You can read it here.
  • Had another quick look at the protocol after hacking together a line monitor and some rough code to watch two serial ports simultaneously. Will defer any substantial effort or publishing any details on this front until a reply is received from Nokia.
  • Thanks to the efforts of Martin Hamilton we now have a Majordomo based mailing list. You can subscribe by sending email to with the word subscribe in the body of the text. The list is also archived here. The mailing list will now be the primary discussion forum for the project.
  • Many people have sent email expressing interest in the project as well as requests to broaden the scope in various ways. Thank you to everyone who responded, to summarise the correspondence;
    • Include a number of other Nokia mobiles including AMPS/DAMPS and 9000 series models. I think the more the merrier but it will naturally fall to people with the various different models to look into protocol matters etc. So far we have interest in 9000, 6110, 2160, 8810, 6130, 5110 and 2190.
    • A number of people contributed code fragments for analysing serial data by looking at serial ports and logging them to a file. If this approach becomes necessary I figure we'll cut something together that opens two ports simultaneously and automagically interleaves the data in each direction. More to follow on this.
    • Some snippets about the protocol itself, a work in progress I believe. I'll draft these together in the next day or so time permitting.
    • A note that there are various other connectivity projects on the go for Palm pilots and other mobile devices. Perhaps a standard interface/file format can be arrived at to allow seamless transfer of phone number records between the different devices. Even Windows doesn't do this!
    • Some name suggestions including linokia, gsm4linux, mobileLinux, GNokix
  • We've not had a response from anyone working for Nokia so I propose that an email be drafted and sent during the first week of November seeking Nokia's assistance. A couple of correspondents noted that they new someone at Nokia that may be able to help which is great, we await further information.
  • We've had at least one request to do a FreeBSD driver, my feeling is that most of the core code could be common, only the actual driver interfaces would (presumably) differ.

Initial announcement to comp.sys.linux.announce and